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3/4G Antenna Installation
3/4G Antenna Installation
I have been subcontracting to a company that contracts to a large telco installing 3G and 4G antennae for over 5 years. Used in conjunction with a Cel-Fi unit you can effectively have a mini mobile phone repeater in your home of office (or vehicle but I don’t do those).

If you bought your Cel-Fi unit from a retailer they will be able to supply you with a directional Yagi antenna, these are far superior to an omni directional antenna which would be used for a vehicle. 
If you have a Wi-Fi dongle and you’re just not getting enough signal for it to operate effectively a 3/4G antenna will certainly solve your problem.

“Anyone can chuck an antenna on a roof” and I’ve seen this plenty of times, but if you want a professionally installed antenna pointed at closest tower with the best signal possible, guaranteed not to fall over, fail or leak, then I can do that.

The total cost to professionally install your directional Yagi antenna and set up and register your Cel-Fi unit is $270 + GST. There are no travel costs applicable from the metro area to the Avon Valley. The price includes a heavy duty mount & mast up to 2 meters.

I often get asked, “how do I know it will work?” The rule of thumb is if you get 1 bar of signal on your phone from the highest part of your roof or if you can send or receive a text from outside your house then it will definitely work. 

I’m happy to answer any questions you have via phone or email. I can’t really be brand specific with the yagi antenna so see your retailer or do your own research on this. I do not supply these so clearly I am unable to warranty them, however all workmanship and any products I do supply are fully covered by a 5 year warranty.